Robots and Humans

Robots and Humans


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Constructor University
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Fächerübergreifend, Mathematik/Informatik, Technik/Arbeitswelt

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Jacobs University Bremen
Aylin Krieger

Movies and television shows have featured robots since many years – often they look a bit like humans, they walk and talk and they might be scary or helpful.

Real robots often look completely different. Cars are built to a large degree by robots that look like arms with many joints. They are not very human and they do not walk and talk. However, as technology progresses, so does robotics. There is a new field called social robotics that studies how humans and robots can communicate with each other, how robots can be designed to be good partners or companions, and what we still need to understand to build such robots for the real world. In this session we will present the field of social robotics and look at some examples of humanoid robots.

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